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Tips by Seymour_Gibbs

The most important thing to know about this level is that there are not one but two prison areas, and two respective staircases and storage areas, A and B. The thieves always start in B block, or at least they always have for me.

Guard strategy:

For this map you will want to buy:

* Mines
* Caltrops
* Flares
* In addition to your sword/mace and bolts.

At the very start, If you're next to block B and want to be evil, throw your mines into the vent. Alternatively, climb in yourself and beat up any thieves you come across.

You will want to rush to two areas early on - the resupply rooms (split into two teams, you wont get both in time alone) and take all the valuable food and items before the thieves can, and then both the staircases as these are the only real way up.

Spam the stairs with caltrops on the dark bits if you want, just have flares ready and listen for footsteps or doors opening. Whistlers may be used, but I think they're a waste of money on this map.

If the thieves get up the stairs its the usual strategy of search parties - one man with flares surrounded by armed guards, swapping roles as the flares run out. The chest should come out about now, probably in the middle of the hall as this is the most central part of the upper map. Make sure you scout rooms with loot in and relight flares.

Thief strategy:

For this map you will want to buy:

* lockpicks
* invisibility and/or speed potion(s)
* In addition to your arrows.

The strategy for this map involves getting into a good position as fast as possible. Quickly get out of the vents, but resist the temptation to hide in the darkness at the exit as crafty guards will expect this. Hurry to the resupply or staircase (depending on the resistance at each - you should see guards moving one way or the other) and then chug a potion and charge up the stairs to level two to grab the key (unless there are no guards, in which case take your time). you can usually ignore the watcher as the guards usually just think some idiot has lowered the gate.

Grab the key, then swig another potion and get to the top of the stairs.

(Sneaky hint - run up the banister if you can keep your balance, there's less chance of stepping on something unpleasant in the darkness).

At the top you're free to douse torches and darkness hop to pick up loot at your leisure as normal. Just try to stay on the move, or more often than not you'll end up surrounded in a small pool of darkness.

Note: this is just one way of tackling the map, intended to stop newbies being slaughtered at the start as they try and find their way out of the cell block. This map is killer on newbies.

Tips by Seymour_Gibbs

A pretty hard level to play or inform on due to the fact that objectives are everywhere and there are a whole bunch of locked doors. Chances are this particular level guide will be finished very slowly over time...

Thief Strategy:

This map is murder on thieves. Sorry.

Recommended purchases:

Whatever you want, Invisibility potions help on the over bright areas but there is little room for sniping so arrows can be skipped. Flash bombs are a good Idea for getting out of tight situations.

Stuff to remember:

The electric lights can be switched off by the button beneath.

The library is a great place to hide if things go awry.

There are a lot of doors. Keep them closed okay?

The vents are your best bet for getting between rooms, but are often mined, watch it and have lockpicks ready.

Guard Strategy:

Recommended purchases:

Whatever you want, but I'd stay away from traps due to the open nature of the map. Flares are definately a bonus and fire arrows own the tight corridors.*

Stuff to remember:

At the very start, hit the button next to the exit elevator to raise it. This will slow the thieves down quite a bit when they try to escape - 90% of the time the fools fall into the pit below.

You can close all the buttoned doors on the level with the emergency lever Try to keep comms open and close them if there's trouble.

If you kill a thief who drops a lot of loot and evidence, do not return it but guard it heavily. Usually, the thieves will have to get to this valuable loot and evidence to complete their objectives, giving you a handy choke point.

*A note on traps: If you must use traps, or want to do something with the useless AIs, there are two points on the level the thieves must cross. First is the door to the elevator- put a whistler and an AI guard behind this door for a perfect ambush, and caltrops in the darkness in front to ensure a kill.

Secondly, there is the APO room with the keys to all the doors in the structure inside. There are two entrances, the door and vent shaft, which you should guard accordingly. mines under the keys and in the vent work wonders here. if the keys disappear, you'll find the loot and evidence gets found a lot faster than usual. Try to kill the thief and then trap the stuff he drops.

Tips by Shadowrodent:

Useful Equipment: 9 water arrows, 1 vine arrow 2 invis potions, 1 flashbomb.

-Make your way to the three adjacent buildings and enter one.

-Go down the stairs\ ladder.

-Grab the two candlesticks from the table in this room.

-Make your way to the far side, going through the tunnel, until you see a room with eerie blue lights.

-Look to the left side of the room, there is a button operated door.

-Wait for a short time, making sure there are no guards in the next room before opening it. (It's really noisy) .

- Use a vine arrow to grab the loot that is through an opening in the ceiling. At the far left corner of the room from the entrance, there is a tunnel leading upwards.

- Travel through the crypt, keeping an eye out for loot (and a secret room activated by a lever. If you want to, put out some torches in here.

-Make your way to the far side and go down some stairs into the (sewer?) section. There is usually some AI in here so make sure you put out all the torches, and avoid stepping in the water.

-Go in all the doors and search for loot and relics. When you can search no more, go to the room that is in the sewers with the green hedge thing that looks like a + plus sign. There is a ring in here and I think a relic as well .

-Go up the stairs in the room leading from here, putting out the torch at the same time.

-Listen for guards at the door at the top before opening it.

-Put out the torch in this room and climb up the ladder to grab a candlestick.

-Go back down to the make up area and turn the light off, before stealing the loot on the mirrored bench in the corner.

-Make your way to the stage and put some lights out.

- Peer through the curtain and put out more lights. if you can, sneak around getting all the loot. if you cant, try it using the invis potions, or using a vine arrow to climb on the boards above. then dropping down on and knocking out, or shooting some guards. (this is usually the hardest part of the map, especially against humans who will relight the torches. If they do. black jack them.

-Make your way from shadow to shadow to the door at the far side from the stage and go through. This room has a piano and a desk with lots of loot. If you followed the instructions, you should have your objectives completed.

-Go through the door behind the bench and run to the shadow in the courtyard. wait till guards pass, then make your way to the crypt entrance at the other side of the ground.

-Go down and retrace your steps to escape the way you came through the sewer, until you find your way back to the city. Or, if you're hard pressed, try to find a ladder going down into an underground stream. it is in one of the rooms in the sewer.

-Once you're back in the city, head to the NW corner, using your compass and whisper to your team-mates to come as well.