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Given the highly competitive nature of multiplayer games, knowing your surroundings is a must. If you spend the game wandering from room to room lost, your enemies will surely win. With this in mind, we will be putting up a short guide to each of the official maps, with hints, tips and screenshots of the important locations.

For now, here's a list of the maps that will be in the first release of Thievery and a bit of background on each one. Enjoy!

Author: oRGy

The thieves have managed to sneak into the ventilation system of a well guarded underwater research facility, hoping to steal the research materials and anything else of value along the way.
Author: Ed-Duke Cox

Berlstadt Station. Rumoured to be the most secure prison facility around. Located deep in the cold mountains, things are looking bleak for the small group of thieves recently incarcerated there. That is, unless they can discover a way to break out...
Darkened Enlightenment
Author: GulloneFox

Strange blue lights have been seen coming from behind the tall walls of Loki's Castle. Loki is the resident city madman and rumour has it that he has recently come into possession of a very powerful and valuable book. Time to pay him and his house guards a visit...
Author: oRGy

The Nightwatch slowly patrol the dark streets of the city, grumbling about the cold. Meanwhile, moving silently across the rooftops are the less desirable members of society... indulging in a little burglary. Classic Thievery.
Author: Ulukai

High in the cold mountains lies Erunyauve's Folly, last known resting place of the Flame Ruby. Can the few remaining guards, toughened by the freezing weather, keep it from falling into undeserving hands?
Author: oRGy (based on map by Despot)

A nobleman by the name of Lord Gerome has repeatedly been seen leaving the city in the dead of night, travelling deep into the forests. It's time to find out what he's up to and why there's so much vegetation around his estate...
Author: Ulukai

Lord Alfonso's Grange is a wealthy residence located in the rich farmlands outside the city. A tip off from one of his less trusty servants has led you to believe that visiting his manor house would be worthwhile financial endeavour.
Author: Mordengaard

In accordance with his wishes, Lord Korman was cremated and the jar containing his ashes and most valued possessions laid to rest in the church which received much of his patronage. These possessions include two very valuable and sought after gems known as the 'Eyes of Fire'...
Author: Reverend Edward Byrne

Master Tinker Petty, [formerly Lay Tinker Petty before the recent and unexpected drowning of the former Master] has recently acquired an estate in the fashionable Iron Gate district of the city to house his collection of priceless art and antiques. He has been a thorn in the side of the Thieves' Guild for a while now, and it's time for some payback.
Author: Thwark

The ritzy theatre at the edge of the city has always been a favourite amongst the nobility and must turn over a fair coin. Rumour has it that underneath this seemingly innocent stretch of town is a network of underground tunnels home to a particularly violent and curious cult. The local Thieves' Guild has in mind to explore these rumours and see if there's anything worth... appropriating.
Author: Joel

Crazy Lord Scuttlebutt has some guests staying in the swanky apartments of his seaside estate, one of them is supposedly carrying with them a very expensive grail. It might be worth retreiving, if I can stay away from his lordship's 'pets'.