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The thieves most powerful weapon. A single blow to the back of the head of an unsuspecting guard will knock him out cold. If the guard is wearing a helmet, be sure to use a heavy hit (hold the attack button down for a few seconds before releasing) or you will have to hit them 3 times to knock them out.

Sword (Cost 250)

An option for the more violent thief. Tapping the attack button will do a quick swipe, holding the button down for a short time before letting go will do a heavy overhead smash. The sword will slow a thief down slightly when he is wielding it. A heavy hit on an unalert guard will likely kill him (note, human players are always alert).

Short Bow

The thieves' bow can fire a number of different arrows over a great distance. Holding down the attack button for longer will pull the bowstring back more, making the arrow fire faster and further. With the bow readied, the thief is considerably slowed down, and so this more useful for sneaky sniping than for all out fights.

Broadhead Arrows (Cost 50 for a set of 5)

A standard damaging arrow. Shooting a guard in the back will do more damage than the front. Hitting an unalert guard in the back with one of these will kill him.

Water Arrows (Cost 30)

This arrow holds a small amount of water at the tip which splashes over the target. Use it to extinguish torches to give yourself more shadow to hide in. It will also put out tag bolts, flare arrows and flares. Splashing a Whistler trap with water will disable it. You can also use water arrows to wash away tell-tale blood splats.

Vine Arrows (Cost 50)

The vine arrow will stick into a wooden surface and will drop a rope down, letting you climb up. You can pull the vine out of the surface to retrieve it after use, or if an unwanted person is following you up the rope.

Moss Arrows (Cost 50)

Aiming the moss arrow at a surface will cause it to detonate and grow small patches of moss. These will quieten any footsteps and neutralise caltrops.

Footstep Arrows (Cost 30)

When this arrow hits a surface, it will emit a series of footstep sounds similar to a person walking on that surface. Can be used to distract guards.

Crack Arrows (Cost 50)

This arrow is coated in a potent poison that will blur the target's vision and make them spin about dizzy. Useful to put a guard temporarily out of action while you escape or grab the loot.

Flare Arrows (Cost 30)

This arrow is used in the ThiefMatch gametype. The arrow will ignite on impact, similar to a guard's tag bolt, providing an illuminating flame for 15 seconds.