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Sword (Cost 250)

The basic guard melee weapon. Tapping the attack button will do a quick swipe, holding the button down for a short time before letting go will do a heavy overhead smash. The sword is a light weapon for a strong guard and won't slow you down when you have it readied.

Mace (Cost 300)

The guard's heavy melee weapon. The mace has two attacks like the sword, but is slower and does considerably more damage. Wielding a mace will slow the guard down, so is not so good for chases.


The guard's ranged weapon can fire a variety of bolts. Just point and shoot. Over distance you have to compensate for gravity by aiming up slightly. Beware, the crossbow has long load times between each shot and will slow the guard down when he's wielding it.

Standard Bolts (Cost 50 for a set of 5)

A fast firing, damaging bolt.

Tag Bolts (Cost 30)

Upon hitting a surface, this bolt will light up with a blue flame, illuminating the surrounding area for 15 seconds. Good for pinpointing a thief that has hidden in the shadows. The bolt will stick into its target, so is useful for "tagging" a thief, stopping him from hiding in the shadows no matter where he runs.

Paralyse Bolts (Cost 50)

Shooting a thief with one of these will root him to the spot, ideal for smashing to bits with a heavy melee weapon.

Fire Bolts (Cost 100)

This fires a slow moving, burning, explosive projectile that also lights up the area as it travels. When it hits something, it explodes in a burst of flame, setting fire to anyone nearby. If you get caught on fire, you can dive underwater to put the flames out, or if you're feeling evil, you can run into a nearby enemy to set them on fire too. Note, do not fire this while running forwards as you will detonate the arrow on yourself.