Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for the Thievery UT project.

Q1: What is Thievery?

Thievery is the name of the project that hopes to bring the award-winning gameplay and style of Thief: The Dark Project and Thief II: The Metal Age to an Unreal Tournament based multi-player and single-player format, that does justice to Looking Glass Software's artistic vision for a Thief Multi-player game that was planned before they sadly closed due to financial problems.

Q2: Is it free?


Q3: Will I need Unreal Tournament?

Yes. We recommend a clean install of UT with the 436 patch.

Q4: Is this for Unreal Tournament only, or will you port it to other engines?

We are currently developing for Unreal Tournament only. Ports to upcoming Unreal Engine games such as Unreal Tournament 2003, Unreal 2 or even Thief 3 will be considered after Thievery has been released, but we can't promise anything, as reworking the mod for the radically improved engine would take a lot of work.

Q5: When will the mod be released?

When it's ready. ;)

Q6: Is the mod going to be multi-player only?

We have no plans for a single player campaign. Our gametypes will be orientated towards providing the best multi-player experience. However, you will be able to play all the gametypes against bots, which qualifies as "Single-player". If there's enough demand for a single player campaign, and the mappers want to do it, then it *may* happen.

Q7: What is the Thievery Mutator?

The Thievery mutator is a mutator that you can apply to any UT gametype, that calculates and informs you of what light you're in, and alters your visiblility to suit. It is not the main Thievery project, it's just a good general mutator you can play around with while we create the full mod. It's especially fun for campers.. :)

Q8: Why the UT engine? Isn't it a bit old? What about QuakeIII/DarkEngine/etc?

The Unreal Tournament engine was chosen for a few reasons. It's excellent graphics, especially in the dynamic lighting and shadowing departement, it's modfiablity (reflected in it's object orientated approach), it's expandable AI, the excellent Unreal Editor, it's excellent netcode, reasonable physics, all endears it to us. Don't worry, anything we don't like, we'll change.

Q9: So it'll be just like Thief, then? Can we see Burricks, Viktoria, Mechanists, authentic Thief II textures..?

In a word, no. Thievery won't be exactly like Thief in design and gameplay, we'll make more than a few changes so as to suit a multi-player orientated format. Also, all Thief/Thief II content is copyright, so we cannot use it. This means, no burricks, mechanists, original textures, sounds, and so on. We will have to create all-new content ourselves, otherwise the possiblility of being sued is too great, which is of course, Not Good.

Q10: Q7: But isn't Thief III being developed by Ion Storm Austin? And won't that have multi-player?

It is unknown whether Thief III will have multiplayer facilties. Thief 3 is also not slated to be released until at least late 2002, perhaps 2003, so we have lots of time to fill.

Q11: How big will the final download be? And will you have any other methods of distribution?

We don't know exactly how large the download will be, but we suspect it will be anything from 100-130 megabytes in size. However, we hope to be able to get the mod on magazine coverdiscs, and hopefully bundled with other cd-distributed community projects such as CoSaS and T2X. Segmented downloads for modem users may also be made available.

Q12: Why isn't the site updated every week/day/hour/etc?

We post news on the front page when there is news to report. We don't have the time to expend lots of effort hyping ourselves up months in advance of any real release. Rest assured, when this mod is ready, you'll know about it.

Q13: Does this project have anything to do with T2X, or CoSaS?

No. Though we may share some team members.

Q14: So is this thing a mod or a TC? (Total Conversion)

For some reason I keep referring to Thievery Ut as a "mod" - as we're changing absolutely everything about UT, though, I'm sure this qualifies as a Total Conversion of that game.

Q15: What about AI? (Artifical Intelligence) UT's AI is built for deathmatch, not for guard duties and sneaking around!

Thats why we're rebuilding the AI from the ground up. Our aim is "better than Thief". Hopefully such a goal is attainable.

Q16: Hey I've got a cool idea! Why not make a modern/future version of Thievery as well!

Firstly, post any cool ideas in our forum. Secondly, we simply do not have the time and resources to essentially, create two versions of the same mod at once. We also quite like the Thief period style.

Q17: Sounds cool. I've got some l337 skillz, how do I get involved?

Just go to the Jobs page. If there are positions open, they'll be advertised. And if they're advertised, then we need your talent! :)  

Q18: Can I make my own maps?

Certainly. There will be full info on the mapping page once Thievery is released.  

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