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Flare (Cost 50)

This will burn and light up an area for 16 seconds. Can be used to explore the dark and dingy corners. If a torch has been put out, simply touch a burning flare against the sconce to relight it. Note, you cannot use your weapons while holding a flare. You can throw the flare to free your hands and pick it up again if necessary.

Flashbomb (Cost 100)

The flashbomb is thrown at the ground in front of an enemy, it will detonate with a bright flash that will temporarily blind anyone who looks at it or is nearby. Thieves are less affected than guards. Try to aim the flashbomb in front of the target, as it will blind them for longer. Useful if guards are bunching up in an area, as it will blind them all.

Health Potion (cost 50)

The thief starts with 100 health points. When injured, drinking a health potion will restore 25 points.

Catfall Potion (Cost 30)

After drinking this, for a few seconds the thief can land safely and quietly on any surface. Can be used to make daring leaps off buildings.

Invisibility Potion (Cost 100)

This potion will grant you 10 seconds of invisibility. Note, clever guards can still track your footstep noises. You can carry a maximum of 2 of these.

Breathing Potion (Cost 50)

When underwater and running out of air, drinking this will restore your lungs full of oxygen, allowing you to swim further underwater.

Speed Potion (Cost 100)

Drinking this will make you run twice as fast for 10 seconds. This is useful for escaping when caught red handed, making a dash for an important item, or reaching the exit before the guards stop you.

Lockpicks (Cost 100)

You can use these to unlock locked doors. Not all locks can be picked. You can also use the lockpicking tools to disable mines.