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Helmet (Cost 60)

This gives you better protection against the thieves' blackjack. Without a helmet, a single blow to the back of the head will knock you out. Wearing a helmet means you can take 3 normal hits, or 1 heavy hit.

Flare (Cost 50)

Use the flare to light up an area to spot a troublesome hiding thief. If a torch has been put out, simply touch a burning flare against the sconce to relight it. Note, you cannot use your weapons while holding a flare. You can throw the flare to free your hands and pick it up again if necessary. The flare burns for 16 seconds.

Mine (Cost 50)

An explosive device that detonates when touched. Put these around the target areas on the map to stop the thieves from reaching their objectives. You and your team-mates can set these off too, so be careful not to tread on them. Note, the AI guards do not set these off. The thieves can use their lockpicks to disable mines. You can carry a maximum of 2 mines.

Health Potion (cost 50)

The guard starts with 125 health points. When injured, drinking a health potion will restore 25 points.

Speed Potion (cost 100)

Drinking this will make you run twice as fast for 10 seconds, good for chasing thieves or to rush to guard the exit if the thieves have completed their objectives.

Caltrops (30 for a set of 3)

A four spiked trap that hurts and paralyses a thief if he treads on it. Again, place these around key places, e.g. target items or the exit point. Guards can safely walk on these due to their thick metal boots, making these an ideal trap to place on well travelled corridors linking important places. The thieves can use their moss arrows to neutralise caltrops. You can carry a maximum of 6 caltrops.

Repair Tools (Cost 40)

These tools can be used by guards to repair broken Whistlers.

Whistler Trap (Cost 120)

This golden machine will light up and make a shrill whistle whenever a Thief gets near. They are sensitive to nearby motion, so if a thief moves slowly, he can get fairly close without triggering the trap. The thieves can disable whistlers with a water arrow. You can carry a maximum of 2 Whistlers.