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10 April 2004 | Turfwars | Dalai

Mockers vs The Shadow Guild Turfwars Match

Round 1: Th-Breakout
Thieves - Mockers Guards - The Shadow Guild
Rodent Biohazard
Shug Phaethorn

TSG get to business as usual and set about blocking up the two doors in the main hall. Bio opts for a couple of mines, a set of caltrops and two whistlers, while Phae lays down two sets of caltrops. They both then stand by the doors and wait patiently, like good guards should.

Shug and Rodent start to make their great escape and bust out of their cells. Shug sets about clearing the lower guard menace, darting in and out of the vents to blackjack the patrolling AI. Rodent meanwhile, is using the vine arrow trick to quickly get one of the cell block keys from the second level.

Soon after, Rodent is spotted by a Watcher, right when Shug is standing by one of the iron gates that slams shut when the alarm is sounded - the result: one dead Shug.

Shug sneaks up the stairs and comes to one of the heavily guarded doors, he fires a moss arrow underneath the door to neutralize the caltops. He's greeted by a crossbow bolt in the backside as he flees away from the door.

Turning back, he charges through the door, exploding on a mine and Rodent takes the opportunity to dash through the door, with invisibility and catfall potions keeping him hidden. See clip

Rodent begins to collect up loot, using invisibility potions to keep out of sight, but unfortunately, his footsteps alert an AI guard and Phaethorn hears. See clip

Although Rodent manages to get the required loot, Phaethorn takes him down and the game moves into the DM Thief phase, with Rodent and Shug clearing out as many AI as possible to try and win the game by wiping out the opposition, rather than loot and escape. M execute some great double team flash and sword thief action on the stairs.

The Thieves get it down to just 3 guards left, but TSG keep their cool, guard the doors and finally bring the thieves down with their fire arrows and maces. Round 1 goes to TSG.

Round 2: Th-Breakout
Guards - Mockers Thieves - The Shadow Guild
Gladius Biohazard
Louie Phaethorn

M were unlucky in their initial defence for this round. They started by blocking up the middle doors, as usual, but they quickly abandoned their defences after an initial fight and fell back to the exit. I'm not sure if the pressure was getting to them, but they must've suspected the thieves had broken through, when in actual fact they hadn't.

M were busy pulling their Whistlers back up to the exits, when Bio and Phae get to the top of one of the stairwells and cautiously lay down some moss.

They open the door to find it empty aside from some Whistlers still left down in the main hall.

Louie has the top exit secure, while Gladius is guarding the lower door.

Phae quickly gathers up the needed loot and heads for the lower exit, but falls to Gladius' attacks. Luckily Bio is nearby to grab the loot from Phae's body:

After some time, Bio and Phae make an assault on the door and Bio manages to get himself to the exit and hidden on one of the rooftops.

Phae gathers up the rest of the gold needed and makes another attempt at the door, only to find that Gladius has placed the supply chest, two barrels and a crate behind the door.

Now, I coded barrels and crates to be pushable for just this very reason. Thievery offers many ways to play and making use of the environment and objects in it are perfectly feasible tactics. This however, doesn't stop Phaethorn sitting and complaining about it for 5 minutes before carrying on with the game.

However, justice is justice and Phae is immediately struck down with the 'Random Crater Bug of Doom' while trying to get through the door and TSG are forced to concede the match. Round 2 to Mockers.

Round 3 Tiebreaker: Th-Nostalgia
Guards - Mockers Thieves - The Shadow Guild
Louie Biohazard
Shug Phaethorn

Louie starts off by keeping watch out the front, searching the gardens and taking shots at the thieves in the shadows, while Shug finds the lyre in one of the galleries and sets up traps and gathers AI to help guard.

After clearing out the safe, Phae makes his way to the Library roof entrance and shows off a great swipe of the lyre: See clip

With that much loot safely out of the building, things are pretty much in the bag for the Thieves. Bio heads in to gather the rest of the loot needed but is surprised by the side door. A well placed crack arrow gives him the time he needs to pick the lock on the door and get inside: See clip

Bio outwits the guard, neatly avoids his own crack.. a quick dash and one vine arrow later and he's outside the walls.

The game to TSG. TSG have successfully defended their Breakout turf against M and extended their guild coverage to include Nostalgia.


Black Cat Games, 2004