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This guide attempts to give you concise hints & tips on how to play Thievery. These are not hard and fast rules, people are coming up with new strategies all the time, so don't be afraid experiment. Although, if you get chopped to pieces or smashed against a wall by an angry guard's mace, don't blame us.

Thievery currently has the following two gametypes:

Thieves vs Guards - the oft played gametype, best with more players, this pits a team of human thieves against a team of AI and human guards.

Thiefmatch - this gametype isn't team based, it is every thief for himself. The human thieves compete against each other and the AI guards to achieve the objectives. Points are awarded for finding loot, achieving objectives and killing other thieves.

This guide concentrates on the more popular TvG gametype. Thiefmatch is still in early alpha stages and will likely change in the future.

Below you can find guides to play each of the two classes. If this is the first time you've played Thievery multiplayer, play as a guard... their play style is much more straightforward than the sneaky, cunning thieves.

Thieves - How to play as a thief & thief equipment lists.
Guards - How to play as a guard & guard equipment lists.

As with most multiplayer games, the competition is fierce, so be sure to play the maps a few times single player to learn where the loot and key places are.

Maps - A full list of the Thievery maps.

12th Jan 02 - New Guides online!