Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for the Thievery UT project.

Q1: What is Thievery?

Thievery is a free modification for Unreal Tournament 99. This modification changes UT into a whole new game, pitting a team of sneaky thieves against a team of well-armed guards in a pseudo-medieval setting.

Q2: Is it free?


Q3: Will I need Unreal Tournament?

Yes. We recommend a clean install of UT with the 436 patch.

Q6: Is the mod going to be multi-player only?

We have no plans for a single player campaign. Our gametypes will be orientated towards providing the best multi-player experience. However, you will be able to play all the gametypes against bots, which qualifies as "Single-player".

Q7: What is the Thievery Mutator?

The Thievery mutator is a mutator that you can apply to any UT gametype, that calculates and informs you of what light you're in, and alters your visiblility to suit. It is not the main Thievery project, it's just a good general mutator you can play around with while we create the full mod. It's especially fun for campers.. :)

Q8: Why the UT engine? Isn't it a bit old?

The Unreal Tournament engine was chosen for a few reasons. It's excellent graphics, especially in the dynamic lighting and shadowing departement, it's modfiablity (reflected in it's object orientated approach), it's expandable AI, the excellent Unreal Editor, it's excellent netcode, reasonable physics, all endears it to us. Don't worry, anything we don't like, we'll change.

Q14: So is this thing a mod or a TC? (Total Conversion)

For some reason I keep referring to Thievery Ut as a "mod" - as we're changing absolutely everything about UT, though, I'm sure this qualifies as a Total Conversion of that game.

Q15: What about AI? (Artifical Intelligence) UT's AI is built for deathmatch, not for guard duties and sneaking around!

The guard AI has been rebuilt from the ground up to support perception, alertness states and everything else you'd expect in a stealth game.

Q18: Can I make my own maps?

Certainly. See the mapping page for more info.  

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