Time for a quiet drink under the soft spotlights of the bar, watching the aquatic life float by. And is that a shipwreck visible outside?
Turning the light off in this room might well be a good idea. If I stay on that carpet, the place should be pretty safe..
Food, drink, and flares. What a witty combination! No wonder the guards are nowhere to be found.
Dang! The door is locked.. and judging by that fancy door handle, there is something of value inside. Time to look for a key..
I wonder if there's someone in this woodshed..
Looking down on the garden. Many ways of escape here.. through the river, over the walls from the greenhouse; but the guards barracks is nearby..
So what kind of aristo has his dining chamber set in what looks like a Pagan cemetary? Those crazy nobles.. one wonders how they got so damn rich.
Now this is more like it. Everyone sleep upstairs, everything silent except for the tick of that grandfather clock and the crackle of the burning torch.
Anything left to eat here? No? Well then, I can just steal the cutlery..
Well.. looks like the owner of this house is a bit of a gambler. Maybe if I take all his money, he might give up on that habit.
Comfy furniture, a burning fire; why isn't my flat like this?

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