A few screenshots of two levels in the making, TH-Dockside by Ed, and TH-Flats, by oRGy. Be mindful that these are yet early versions, and some textures and interface graphics are placeholders. The concept art is by Husch, our character modeler.

All shots are 1024*768, and vary from size 200-400kb.

A few more screenshots of levels in production, from clockwise: Th-Grange (by Ulukai), a collage picture of TH-Aquatone (oRGy), TH-Sword (Ed), two pictures of TH-Flats, a gallery of Thievery paintings (look familiar?) and a shot from an as yet untitled level, with a lighted flare on the bridge.

We hope you enjoy them, the next installment of shots (in a couple of weeks) will feature our particle systems, furniture, concept art, and models.

If you like these shots or have any comments, be sure and post in our forum. Thanks!


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