Thievery 1.6 Patch

  • Fixed the infinite underwater sound rumble.
  • Optimised netcode (should reduce -PLEASE WAIT- time by about 30%).
  • Correct version of ThDQ.u included, so multi-floor sketch maps work online.
  • Misc. bug fixes.
  • Th-Korman:
    • Fixed the skybox HOM problem
  • Th-Nostalgia:
    • Fixed the giant gem exploit
    • Added some torches to better balance the map
    • Fixed misc. bugs
  • Th-Airship:
    • Fixed an alarm sound crash with dedicated server installs
    • Misc. tweaks

1.6 also includes the fixes from the 1.51 Beta Patch previously posted in our forums:

  • No more crashes when retrieving a very long rope arrow (e.g. on Airship).
  • No reload delay on the crossbow, instead it simply won't fire if you try to use the crossbow exploit.
  • Health is displayed correctly when spectating and no longer covers up the spectator names when the scoreboard is showing.
  • Fixed a bunch of crashes on certain servers involving Fragments, Barrels and Carcasses.

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