Thievery 1.5 Patch
Code changes:
Whistlers can be destroyed by maces.
Speed potion will speed ladder climbing.
Catfall potion will hide ladder climbing noises.
Crossbow switching weapon exploit removed.
Chest will be dropped at nearest pathnode on death if there's no room to drop it where you die.
Whisper text for spectators doesn't try to show location texts to fix the multiple line messy text bug.
Altered the lightgem code to reduce the small space exploit.
AI can be ordered to patrol locations once again.
Water crouch bug fixed.
You can climb vines from within water.
Crouch and bunny hop exploit removed.
You no longer flash visible for a second when you quaff an invisibility potion in the shadows.
Guards pushing buttons they shouldn't be able to using explosions exploit removed.
Moving fast while crouched and paralyzed exploit removed.
Fixed body exploit in Asylum/Mensch.
It seems Thievery players use lots of exploits.
If you're running while you frob a book, you stop.
Game start timer shows from 30 seconds and below, not 15.
Time modifiers don't affect servers set to infinite time.
Mod menu enabled in the GUI.
New Watcher model by Claymore.

New maps:

Updated maps:

- numerous fixes and improvements and a sketchmap added.

- misc city improvements

- Fixed the bug that will display two times the ammount of loot than there actually is in the map.
- Fixed the bug that makes alot of the torches bugged. ( No flame viewable if you relit it for the second time. Also relighting it for the second time took 0.1 seconds )
- Fixed the bug that made the crates turn into phantom crates after you broke them. They normaly break now.
- Fixed the many holes the blocker had on the wall.
- Fixed the lack of blockers on items in the new part of the church.
- Fixed the bug that items didn't show up as masked.
- Fixed the bug that the relics were up on the ceiling at times.
- Fixed the bug that AI's couldn't use the lever controlled door in the backstage.
- Fixed the flying fire in the chimney next to the theatre library.

- Added a ladder actor for the AIs so they actualy move back into the garden if they are KOed and thrown over the wall.
- Added a fence texture to the wall, so the eye also knows you can't jump over there.
- Added a hatch to the waterway into the sewer.
- Added a lock on the doors in the library houses.
- Added a window in the library houses.
- Added overall eye candy.
- Added breakable windows where posible.
- Added a rim above the exit that makes jumping from the roof directly into the exit imposible. You can still climb over it though.
- Added a sketchmap.
- Added dousable flames on all candles.
- Added new face skins for guards ( they were in an unused texture package )
- Added ladder actors for AI's to use. They now can follow a guard ( through the tombs ) to the exit. They can also use the vines on the wall to get back in the theatre if they have been trown over the wall when KOed.
- Adjusted the patrols for some AIs in the sewer and in the theatre itself.
- Adjusted the big blockers some of the furniture had in the main theatre on the higher platform and added normal sized blockers.
- Adjusted and removed the blockers on the house in the garden, leading to the graveyard under it.
- Adjusted the sound the climable vines make.
- Adjusted the ladder radius on the ladders in the three library houses, to make it easier to use.

Statue now surrounded by Blockall
Added Guard's Objectives
Added zonelight of 1 to barracks rooms
Illuminated watcher
Corrected hole near well
Fixed Barracks windows so retards can't jump into the skybox
Elevator now made out of metal so arrows don't stick in it and cause funkiness
Cages over gems, operated by either one of two levers.
Added watcher to help guard second lever
Cages on return timer to help difficulty of map for Guards
Fixed some incorrect texture alignments
Increased Thief loot requirement
Imported Chainsaw's sketchmaps
No longer possible to jump through the chapel windows

Fixed suspect pathnoding around spiral staircase.
Added Chainsaws' sketchmaps.
Some minor texturing improvements.
Fixed some issues with doors in swimming pool area.
Fixed torches so they do not burn at a 30 degree angle.
Zoned off storage room at back of house, added evil ambient zone light 1 because some darwin award candidates (mentioning no names) like to extinguish the torch and then wonder why they can't find the exit in the pitch black =)

Added windows into study
Removed redundant code and actors
Removed key in groundskeepers hut
Increased height of outer wall and covered gates with "arches"
Fixed vineable ICHs
Tweaked ghost route in crypts
Crypt doors are now locked
Added extra vent holes in church hall floor
Added neat little feature involving Lord Cecil and Lady Katherine's urn
Changed rectory basement hatch to chimney

Added ICHs around outside walls (with decoration)
Made main gate openable via lever
Expanded roadway to north side of map, including lighting
Fixed sewer hatches
Removed vineable "route" from spawn to grounds
Moved exit zone back to rear alley
Widened ramp up from barracks to "secret" corridor
Added non-breaking skylights to roof/dining room to give the roof a bit of "texture"
Fixed a few misaligned brushes and textures
Added sources for a few lights
Reduced intensity of chimney smoke to improve framerate
Increased shadows in main gallery
Added guard supply room in upstairs patrol corridor
Added doors to front entrance
Rebuilt library roof access

Moved front door guard back a bit to reduce ease of early kill/bj

Th-Breandor v2:
Got rid of BSP error near pergola in south garden.
Replaced ugly red textures in north garden and south passage.
Replaced ugly table in north hall (*UGH*, What was I thinking for V1?).
Assorted minor texture and mesh alignments.
Much better skybox - rolling terrain mesh at edges instead of ugliness.
Assorted geometry tweaks.
Minor sound tweaks.
Better pathing in cellars (still problematic).
Secret window exploit fixed.
Display room secret door bolting fixed.
Display room secret door now silent.
Access to display room through gardeners storage now easier.

(c) Black Cat Games - 2005