Thievery 1.7



Spider Hook

When activated, fires a hook straight up that can pull you to the ceiling, where you can hide and observe.

Sensing Scarab

This mysterious artifact reacts to heavy plate metal, revealing the location of nearby guards. Must be deployed on a hard surface to function. Can be destroyed if discovered.

Improved Scouting Orbs

Previously a single-use device to give brief vision of a nearby area, the Scouting Orbs have now been upgraded. After being deployed, any Thief can bring up his map and select the Scouting Orb to see through it again.

Improved Telescope

Zooms your vision, letting you scope out a far away area. Can also be used to peer under doors to see what's on the other side before opening it.



Can be strung up between two walls. If broken by a thief, will make a loud snapping noise and briefly slow the thief down.

Marking Powder

This luminescent powder can be sprinkled over an area to further secure it from intrusions. Any thief passing through will leave a trail of glowing footprints for a short time.



ProMod is now integrated into the Thievery base code, so all its competitive balance changes are now official. For a full list of ProMod features, see this forum thread.

Torch Extinguisher

Simulating the unreliable nature of burning light sources, this adds some mystery to each extinguished torch. Was it a Thief or just the wind? The new Torch Extinguisher has two important advantages over the old TorchSnuffer mod: 1) each torch has an equal chance of being picked to be extinguished and 2) the round will start with a number of torches pre-extinguished, meaning Guards have a job to do right away if they want to keep the area fully lit.


Thieves can now sneak up on guards and make a grab for their loot pouch. Successfully pickpocketing a guard will award you some gold and let your team know of your daring swipe.

Adjusted Sound Distances

We've done a full pass on all the sound effects in the game, measuring the audible distance of each and adjusting them for consistency.


Item Wheel

In order to expose item hotkeys and make it easier to find things in your inventory, we've added the Item Wheel. Items are shown in the wheel in a consistent order based on the item type, so over time you can learn where things should be.

Customisable loadouts

There are now six customisable loadout slots for each team, with fully configurable names. You can make adjustments to your purchases each time you spawn, or quickly go straight into the game with your desired loadout.

New Shop

The old shop menu has been given a complete overhaul. The new version features 3D models, different categories, full descriptions on each item and the ability to sell back items.

New Desktop Image

The Thievery desktop splash image has been updated for 1.7. There's also a dynamic news area that shows our latest update news.

Updated Join Screen

The screen for selecting which team to join has been given a fresh visual look, with new artwork for the Thief and Guard team icons.

Widescreen support

All menu screens and HUD elements have been adjusted to support modern widescreen resolutions.

Context sensitive crosshair

The crosshair now changes based on your interaction target, so you know what will happen when you press the USE key.

Updated map

The map screen now has more readable player names and a resupply timer for the Guard's supply chest.


The thief model has been updated to use Oddity's Gillan model.


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